Good Practices for demonstrating safety and quality through recipient follow-up   ̶  is a 3 year Project co-funded by the 3rd Health Programme of the European Union under the Grant Agreement number: 709567.

This project aims to set up the good practices applied to tissues and cells (T&C) preparation processes and patient follow-up procedures.

EuroGTP II intends to provide practical tools which will assist Tissue Establishments and Organisations Responsible for Human Application, in the implementation of technical requirements defined for the assessment and verification of the quality, safety and efficacy of therapies with human T&C. Moreover, these tools will be developed in accordance with the regulatory principles, legislation and good practices, and will be made available to National Competent Authorities (NCAs), hence facilitating also the evaluation and the authorisation procedures.

The Barcelona Tissue Bank (Banc de Teixits de Barcelona – Banc de Sang I Teixits (BST)) is the Coordinator of this Project, that involves a total 14 Associative partners from 11 Member States, and 12 Collaborative partners.


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