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In the Euro-Good Tissue Practices (Euro-GTPs) project, specific topics that require more extensive work to evaluate if the current criteria of exclusion or acceptance should be changed, or topics where there is not yet consensus on how to evaluate risk, have been classified as “hot topics”.These hot topics will change from one edition of CoE Guide to the next. Some will be resolved with definitive guidance and new hot topics will emerge. It is intended that all professionals with expertise in tissue banking will be involved in the challenge of evaluating these hot topics for that field using the tools established here, and that the EATB coordinates this process. (Guide to the Quality and Safety of Tissues and Cells for Human Application, 2015, EDQM)


Hot Topics discussion forum is an initiative of European Association of Tissue Banks (EATB) that aims to promote the dialogue and debate amongst stakeholders on subjects associated Tissue Establishments activities - from donation to distribution and use of tissues and cells – where the need for further development is identified by Tissue Bankers and/or other experts


How it works?

 Hot Topic selection

 Every registered user can propose topics for discussion through the application form.

 This form mainly requests information about the relevance of the proposed topic and availability of evidence or guidelines on this subject. The proposal is then send to the EATB who is responsible for the discussion group nomination.

 Topics can also be proposed by official entities (such CE, CoE, or other scientific associations).


Open the Hot Topic Selection Form 


Discussion amongst experts

Hot Topics website allows two different levels of discussion:


Each hot topic will have an individual ‘discussion thread’ and discussion through web forum will be open to all registered users.

Discussion Groups (DG) will identify and post key questions associated with each Hot Topic, this way promoting debate and inviting all experts to contribute.

Additional questions can also be raised by any user/expert as considered relevant.


Discussion Groups (DG)

 Once a hot topic has been selected, the applicant is asked to propose a chairperson for the DG.


Subsequently EATB will form a DG (4-6 participants among Tissue Bankers, clinicians and other experts) and define timelines and milestones to produce a draft document.


Assistance to DG work, namely web based tools for communication and document management, will be provided by EATB/Hot Topics website managers.


Open consultation

Consensus documents drafted by DG will be firstly evaluated by EATB board, and afterwards disclosed through ‘Hot Topics forum’ in order to promote an open consultation among stakeholders and other registered users.

Feedback and corrections can be submitted in the web forum (using both private and public messages).



Final documents will be published in “Hot Topics website” and afterward submitted to CoE and CE for appreciation.



How to request access to Forum

 You need to be logged in for access to discussion forum contents.

 You do not have to be a member of EATB to have a user name and password, but credentials will be issued by Hot Topics managers after EATB approval.

 If you are not registered as user, you can then proceed to our registration page and submit your request.

Complete the information requested, namely information related with your organisation and area of expertise, and submit.

Your login and password will later be sent to your e-mail address.

 If you are already registered but have lost your credentials, please send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.







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