Krajowe Centrum Bankowania Tkanek i Komórek (KCBTiK) / National Centre for Tissue and Cell Banking (NCTCB) is a budgetary unit submitted to the Polish Ministry of Health. KCBTiK tasks include i.a. organization of a co-operation between tissue and cell banks (T&CB); performance of reference and consultative functions; supervision and inspection of T&CB; keeping a register of T&CB; organizing the trainings (recovery, collection, testing, processing, sterilization, storage and distribution of cells and tissues); keeping the list of trained persons

KCBTiK has been involved in different programmes of Community Action in the field of Health, such as EQSBT, EUSTITE, Euro-GTPs and SOHOV&S as well as in the Joint Action: ARTIHQS and VISTART.

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