The Institute for Transplantations and Biomedicine is an organization unit of the Ministry performing the tasks of planning, coordination and monitoring the implementation of measures for ensuring availability and safety of biological materials for the purpose of medical treatment; plans, prepares, coordinates and monitors the implementation of the National Transplantation Program and the National Policy on Blood and Blood Components, and implements international and regional cooperation, including organ exchange; performs administrative and expert analysis tasks in the field of organ, tissue and cell harvesting and transplantation, including reproductive tissues and cells and collection and processing of blood; plans financial means for the implementation of the National Transplantation Program, international and regional cooperation and national policy on blood and blood components; prepares and manages the procedures for issuing approvals to health care institutions for procedure of collection, testing and processing of blood, harvesting, testing, storing and transplanting tissues and cells (including reproductive tissues and cells), harvesting and transplanting organs, and procedures of medically-assisted fertilization; establishes and manages information systems, records and required registries from the scope of its work; ensures a 24-hour alarm and coordination system of the transplantation program and monitoring and call-in of harmful events and events concerning blood, organs, tissues and cells, including risk assessment and proposals for corrective measures; implements procedures concerning import and export of tissues and cells and international organ exchange within the framework of Eurotransplant membership, plans and implements health promotion activities concerning donation and transplantation of human body parts, plans and implements activities concerning media promotion and public relations, plans and participates in the preparation and implementation of training programs concerning donation and transplantation of organs, tissues and cells; plans and participates in the preparation and implementation of projects and programs from its scope of work, encourages strengthening of regional and international cooperation; encourages improvement of quality and safety of biological materials for human application; collects, manages and processes data, analyses functions and results from its scope of work; prepares and submits reports to national and international bodies; cooperates with citizens’ associations, expert and other bodies; participates in the preparation of draft expert bases for the drawing up of strategic documents, laws and regulations from its scope of work; participates in the drawing up of strategic plan of the Ministry, i.e. in defining strategic goals from its scope of work, determines possible risks, monitors the realization of set goals, follows success indicators, reports on their realization; and performs other tasks defined by the minister and other activities in pursuit of realizing the objective of its establishment, in accordance with the law; makes sure that each expenditure is justified by real need and verified in prior control.

Relevant experience and activities

ACCORD - Achieving Comprehensive Coordination in Organ Donation

ODEQUS - Organ Donation European Quality System 

FOEDUS - Facilitating Exchange Of Organs Donated In Eu Member States

EDD - The Celebration of 10th European Donation Day (Project under EU Health Program 2008-2013)

ETPOD - European Training Program on Organ Donation

EU IPA 2009 Project

IPA Light 2013 “Strengthening the Institutional Capacity for Blood, Tissues and Cells” (Project financed under EU IPA 2009 Program for Croatia; Twinning project between Spain/Italy and Croatia )

EFRETOS - European Framework for Evaluation of Organ Transplants

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