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Short description 

The WP2 is responsible for ensuring the correct dissemination of Euro-GTP II project and its outcomes and deliverables to the target groups and the public.

Specific objectives


  • To ensure a proper visibility of the findings of the different fields covered by the project among National Competent Authorities (NCAs), Tissues Establishments (TEs), ART centers and Organizations Responsible for Human Application (ORHAs) throughout Europe.
  • To produce all the promotional material to highlight the main findings:  the leaflet, the website and the layman version of the final report
  • To facilitate the flow of information among partners and other target groups


Expected outcomes


  • To develop a website with general contents for partners, stakeholders and general public as well as a private area for associated partners and collaborators
  • To produce a leaflet for the target groups with a short description of the project, its main goals and also its specific objectives
  • To distribute the electronic version of the Euro-GTP II Guide among the target groups
  • To produce and disclose the layman version of the final reportTo prepare presentations for official EU meetings


How the work will be carried out

As described in the Dissemination and Communication Strategic Plan, the following dissemination tools will help to reach our goals:

  • Leaflet- this material is meant to include a general description of the project goals, aimed at informing the target groups about the project existence and the planned activities.
  • Website- is the platform used to inform the stakeholders and general public about the objectives and deliverables. The private more interactive section of the website is dedicated to the associated partners and collaborators. Progress reports and other documents will be available to the public once they are approved.  
  • Dissemination of the Euro- GTP II Guide.
  • Layman version of the final report- comprehensive information brochure with a full overview of the project outcomes.
  • Dissemination activities in social events, meetings, congresses and publications  


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