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The evaluation of the project includes continuously tracking of project activities among all partners. The complete evaluation process includes monitoring the progress of every goal of each work package and time deviations of deliverables. On that way, supervision of time sequence of the main goals of the project is assured. Formative evaluation procedure, with implementation and progress data, will be provided in the First Interim evaluation report and summative evaluation procedure in the final Evaluation report.  

Semmelweis University-Health Services Management Training Centre (HSMTC) will be involved as associate partner to assure the development of appropriate methodologies and to audit and assess the quality of the contents produced.

Specific objectives

  • To evaluate continuously the project activities and its results
  • To assess the consistency of project outcomes with previous and current European projects and Joint Actions, legal basis and EU authorization processes methodologies

Expected outcomes

  •  To produce evaluation plan and reports, including Interim Evaluation report, Audit report and Final Evaluation report. 

How the work will be carried out

  • Monitoring and evaluation plan
  • Evaluation questionnaires for each work package
  • Evaluation surveys for relevant meetings
  • Technical audit Constant surveillance by the evaluator

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