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Good practices for demonstrating safety & quality through recipient follow-up in ART

Short description 

The general aim of WP8 is to determine essential criteria and parameters for the implementation of ART products or clinical ART applications. These criteria can aid to translate the general T&C risk assessment tool (WP5) to ART. Additionally, the validation status of current ART products and treatments will be explored using the Euro GTPII tool in order to assess if these ART products and treatments can be correctly cited and classified n the GTPII compendium (e.g. experimental or established)

Specific objectives


  • To define criteria for risk evaluation of ART
  • To define the balance of these criteria where laboratory Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)versus outcome and future health
  • To seek a consensus in ART (through use of the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE) network of national representatives and experts)
  • To test these criteria using the Euro GTPII tool (first for established procedures and then for more innovative and experimental treatments) through the ART group  
  • To promote the Euro GTP II tool 


Expected outcomes

Interactive tool that makes possible to distinguish and classify ART treatments and procedures through laboratory KPIs and recipients follow up. This classification would then result in registering certain ART treatments in a T&C database or compendium.

How the work will be carried out

The work will be carried out in close collaboration with ART experts from several countries in order to be able to be in touch with the whole EU ART community.  As it is very important to reach consensus on the T&C compendium in ART and to promote the interactive Euro GTP II assessment tool as much as possible in the ART field, a strong relationship with ESHRE will be established throughout the project.

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