The Bulgarian Executive Agency for Transplantation (BEAT) is the competent authority for management, coordination and control of transplantation of organs, tissues and cells in Bulgaria.

The Agency is a juridical entity on budgetary funding at the Ministry of Health, established in 2004 as a successor of the former organization Bultransplant.

BEAT is responsible for create and maintain public and official registries by gathering, processing, preserving and supplying information related to transplantation of organs, tissue and cells. 

Moreover, BEAT is the organisation in charge of organ allocation, and ensures the permanent access of the physicians, directly involved in medical care of the potential donor, to the official registry of people that declared the refusal of donation of organs, tissues and cells after their death.

BEAT, is also responsible for providing training on quality and safety to all professionals involved in the activities related with human organs, tissues and cells.


Relevant experience and activities

BEAT has been recently involved as an associated partner in other EU projects: ACCORD JA, FOEDUS JA, ARTHIQS JA, JAseHN JA, VISTART JA – all financed by the European Commission.

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